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  Do you have a great concept that you want to expand through franchising? 
  Do you want to purchase a franchise? 
  Are you wondering what makes something a franchise?  Perhaps you are engaged in a business relationship that you think (or fear) might be a franchise. 

    Then you’ve come to the right place!  I have been involved in franchising and the laws relating to franchising for more than 20 years, and I can help you.  This Web site will tell you a bit about me, about what makes something a franchise, and about choosing a franchise lawyer.  If you want to learn more, please contact me

    *  Note: The Supreme Court of Hawai‘i grants Hawai‘i certification only to lawyers in good standing who have successfully completed a specialty program accredited by the American Bar Association.  

Choosing a Franchise Lawyer


    You’ve decided you need a lawyer to help you with your franchise matter.  How do you choose someone? 

    First, the good news (or is it the bad news?).  There aren’t that many lawyers who concentrate their practices in franchise law.  In the U.S., there are over one million lawyers. About 400,000 of those lawyers are members of the American Bar Association--the nation’s largest association of lawyers.  But of all those lawyers, only about 2,000 are members of the ABA’s group of lawyers who specialize in franchise law--the Forum on Franchising.   Certainly, you don’t have to choose a lawyer who is a member of the Forum on Franchising, but at least that gives you some idea that the lawyer devotes enough time to franchising to join this group of franchise lawyers.  Limiting your search to lawyers who are members of the ABA Forum on Franchising means that there are not as many lawyers that you need to sort through, and that the lawyers you are considering devote enough of their time to franchising that they desire to join an association of lawyers who practice in the area.

    You may also want to consider certification as a franchise law specialist.  As with so many other things, this is another area where California leads the way.  Although many states offer certifications in various legal specialties, California is the only state (so far) to offer a specialty certification in Franchise and Distribution Law.   Neither the Supreme Court of Hawai’i nor the American Bar Association certifies specialists in Franchise and Distribution Law.  But if a lawyer from California can assist you (and for many matters, it doesn’t matter where your attorney is located), you may want to consider whether a lawyer certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization as a specialist in Franchise and Distribution Law could assist you--there are over 40 lawyers certified as specialists in this field so far. 

    Beyond that, the biggest factor may be comfort level--does this lawyer seem like someone you could work with? 


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