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Services I Provide


For Franchisors:

  Draft franchise agreements and related documents (including confidentiality agreements, personal guarantees, and other ancillary documents).        
  Prepare Franchise Disclosure Documents; register or file exemptions in all states where needed. 
  Represent franchisors in acquisitions or divestitures of either individual units or entire systems. 
  Advise with respect to termination and non-renewal issues. 

For Franchisees:

  Review Franchise Disclosure Documents and advise prospective franchisees on the franchise under consideration. 
  Represent franchisees selling their units or buying existing units.
  Advise franchisees who have been harmed by franchisor practices contrary to provisions of applicable franchise laws. 

For Lawyers:

  Consult on applicability of state and federal franchise laws to the facts of a client’s situation. 
  Provide diligence for franchise aspects of transactions. 
  Testify as an expert witness on franchise-related matters (available for matters throughout the United States).